2016 Race Results


Highest Fundraisers:  Kingsley Nwosu, $400 & Nancy McCarthy, $350

1st Place Male Finisher:  Aaron Berns, 22:00
2nd Place Male:  Gerald Weber, 23:55
3rd Place Male:  Steve Durhman, 24:00
1st Place Female Finisher: Vanessa Swesnik, 25:00
2nd Place Female:  Leda Roelke, 28:00
3rd Place Female:  Kammy Horne, 28:02
1st Place Little Gorilla: Alonzo Martinez, 33:00
Senior Gorilla
:  Mark Knapp, 77 years young
Largest Team: Pure ImaginAPEtion, 21 Gorillas
Furthest Traveled Gorilla: Katrina Sherenco from Uxbige, Great Britain – 4,908.78 miles away
Most Creative Gorilla: Keystone Cop
2nd placeHermione
3rd place:  Cheerleader
Most Creative Group:  Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
2nd place:  Furrari
3rd place:  Spice Gorillas 

Ben Fur_small

1st Place Male Finisher – Mark Bond, 23:20 minutes
2nd Place Male – Greg Samford, 23:21
3rd Place Male – Mitch Butler, 23:23
1st Place Female Finisher – Margaret Collins, 26:42 minutes
2nd Place Female – Rachel Zabriskie, 27:49
3rd Place Female – Emma Tod, 28:16
Highest Fundraising Gorilla:  Steve Rocci, $1,565 raised
First to finish on wheels:  Jerry Christensen, 23:23
First kid to finish on wheels:  Vincent Hickman, 17:30
Little Gorilla Obstacle Challenge: Rowan, 1:34
Senior Gorilla:  Bill LaTulipe, 74 years young
Furthest Traveled Gorilla:  The Moellers from Wasilla, Alaska – 3,161 miles away
Largest Family:  Real Massive, 16 members
Most Creative Gorilla:  Annie the Gorilla
2nd Place:  Robot Monster
3rd Place:  Apreham Lincoln
Most Creative Group:  Ben Fur – Gladiators (pictured above)
2nd Place:  Domin-ape – Stormtroopers
3rd Place:  It’s Not Twerking

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