Group Registration

For groups of 10 or more, each participant receives 10% off registration fees.  Note: This offer cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers.

Group Pricing:

First Time Adult Gorilla = $89.95 ea.
Returning Adult Gorilla = $36.00 ea.

Group Registration Instructions:

  1. Identify a “Silverback” team leader. He/she will be the representative for the team.
  2. Once a group has 10 members, the “Silverback” needs to contact MGCF via email or phone (720-524-0272) with your group name and list of members. The “Silverback” then receives a discount code to distribute to the group members.
  3. Group members register individually at The Registration Page. The first person to register for the team will create a team name and all others join the team during online registration. Enter the discount code during registration to receive 10% off.


We highly encourage donations to help support the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. The Fundraising Toolkit will provide resources to help you raise funds for this valuable cause, and the incentives are our way of saying thank you. We greatly appreciate all the effort and time you put into raising money!

Fundraising Toolkit

Donations Support Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund

With your participation you help preserve the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla in the jungles of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund has been dedicated to the preservation of the Mountain Gorilla ever since Dian Fossey, who studied gorillas for 18 years before her death, asked for help in 1985.
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