Race Results

Baywatch Babes (Jenna Peel & Mikelle Peel)

Chris, First Gorilla on Wheels

Chris, First Gorilla on Wheels (Photo by Ralph Barrera/AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

The 2011 race results are in! Check out the hardworking fundraisers, fastest runners and bikers, and a load of other interesting awards.

Highest Fundraising Gorilla
Individual: Karen Bielecki $868.00
Group: Eric and Sara Faust $1,500.00

First To Finish (Wheels) 14:31 Chris Harris

First To Finish (Male)
1st Bud Grote 17:04
2nd Revolutionalry Bananarchy 18:09
3rd Luke Harrison 19:35

First To Finish (Female)
1st Ashley Bares 22:30
2nd Lauren Garriques 23:47

3rd Melissa Robinson 24:45

Senior Gorilla: Charles Kuhn 12/11/34 76yrs.

Dian Fossey Award Winner

Dian Fossey Award Winner, Dan Vancher

Furthest Traveled Gorilla: Nikole Hill Anchorage, Alaska 3163.90 miles away.

Largest Family: “Gorillas For God” with 15 members.

Dian Fossey Award: Dan Vancher 24:02 – In his Wheelchair!

Silverback Cruz Bike Winner: Karen Bielecki

Silverback Tap Handle Award: Thirsty Planet Brewing Company

Costume Contest:

Most Creative Group: Baywatch Babes (Jenna Peel & Mikelle Peel)

Best Dressed: Cupid (David Tanner)

Cupid Gorilla

David Tanner as CUPID, constume contest winner


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