Race Day Itinerary

Registration: Opens 7 AM

Costume Contest: 8:30 AM

Race Starts: 9 AM

Music: 2015 Band or DJ to be announced.

Awards Ceremony: 11 AM

Address: Start and finish location will be at Mueller Browning Hangar, followed by an after party with with music.

Parking: Parking is available at Mueller Browning Hangar.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I keep the costume?
You’re probably going to sweat in it! It’s Yours!

My costume is big and restrictive! I feel like I can’t breathe!
We encourage you to cut the eye holes and mouth bigger, and roll up or cut the sleeves. Make it comfortable since you’ll be wearing it for a few hours+ maybe more?!

Can My Friends still Register?
Yes, you can still register online, at our upcoming events, or the morning of the race on January 17th.

How can I get around the course?
BE CREATIVE! You can run, walk, or ride your bike. Be safe and have fun…nothing motorized is allowed.

How long will it take?
That depends on how fast you’re moving! It is a 5K course. If you are running, it will be around 25 minutes. Walkers will take about an hour.

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