Your Fundraiser Checklist

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The most effective way to achieve your fundraising goal is to create a detailed plan outlining the steps you’ll need to complete in order to meet your objectives.

*            Set a Goal of at least $250.00

*            Start Early so you can give people ample time to donate.

*            Educate your Donors on your cause

*            Stress the Benefits of contributing

*            Follow Through by sending e-mails

*            Send Thank You notes

*            Ask BIG before going small

*            Stay Positive and remember the reason

*            Never Feel Guilty about asking for donations

*            Ask, Ask, Ask

Remember, sticking to your plan will ensure success!

Fundraiser Check List

Set a Goal

I will raise $___________($250.00) & by this date _______________(January 30, 2016)

I will contact ________________people in order to reach my goal.

For example, since you need to raise $250.00, estimate the average contribution will be $50. If 50% of the people you contact contribute, all you have to contact is 10 people. Simple!

E-mail Everyone!

Send an e-mail to all family and friends, asking them to contribute.

Email local businesses that might be interested in your cause. Ask them to sponsor you.

Send an email to your co-workers inviting them to contribute.

As you receive donations, write thank you emails.

Keep track of all Offline Donations

Bring your Pledge Form with you to the event and hand off to the Donations Booth.

Manage Your Address Book

Keep track of who you’ve e-mailed and when.

Tips for a Successful E-mail Campaign

* Make it personal.

* Briefly explain why this cause is so important to you.

* Your subject line should be simple and cause- related.

* Be sure to include the link to the events fundraising page, and make it stand out.

* Educate your donors on your cause and stress the benefits of contributing.

* Always ask contacts to forward your email to others.

* Ask often and ask big!

* Keep donors updated on your progress.

Download the Fundraising Toolkit (PowerPoint)

Download the Fundraising Toolkit (pdf)

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