2012 Results

Bonita Jeter - 1st Place Female

Bonita Jeter - 1st Place Female

Next year, can you be the most creative gorilla? Can you beat Teo, Bonita, and Andrew as the first to cross the finish line? Participants outdid themselves with the creativity and variety of the costumes. Check out the photos to see some the full gamut of gorilla expression.

Most Creative Individual – Grape Ape
Most Creative Group – Monkey Business

Highest Fundraising Gorilla – Bob Broilo, $825
Senior Gorilla – Sue Vilick, 76 years old
Furthest Traveled Gorilla – Elias Volanakis, 1,709.80 miles from Portland, OR
Largest Family – Bringin’ Silverback, 19 gorillas

Teo Ledefna, 1st place Male Finisher

Teo Ledesma, 1st place Male Finisher

First to finish male - Teo Ledesma
2nd place male – Tim Kitching
3rd place male – Ryan Omohundro

First to finish female – Bonita Jeter
2nd place female – Margaret Collins
3rd place female – Emily Behncke

First to finish on wheels – Andrew Crowder

Money Raised for the MGCF -  There are a few more expenses we need to tally, but we can confidently say that just over $55,000 was raised!

2012 AGR Largest Team - Bringin Silver Back

2012 AGR Largest Team - Bringin Silver Back

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